Hi what are the main things we need to know about all the revolutions that happened? And what are the revolution needed to know

hey !!! melissa and charly will be talking about this around 6pm EDT :slight_smile:

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The big revolutions in unit 5 referred to as the Atlantic revolutions. these are the American the French the Haitian and the Latin American Revolutions.

Some big things to know:

  1. they were influenced by European Enlightenment ideas
  2. they did and did not change social hierarchies depending on the location
  3. they represented changes in society, the economy, and government.

understand how each of these three things applies to each individual Revolution

Whooooo doggies! Revolutions are one of those things that come up in so many different time periods. Basically, the way I like to think about it is like so: Look into one or two revolutions per time period instead of trying to know ALL of them (especially in the 19th C, cause there were SO MANY), and start thinking about:

  1. WHY they were revolting?
  2. WHO they were revolting against?
  3. WHAT was their goal in revolting?
  4. WERE they successful in their revolution?

Good luck!

Also, @evan-liddle brings up a great point about the influencing ideas that lead to revolutions!

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Hello! It was already mentioned that the revolutions would be discussed later in the cram session, but I would think that main items to consider about “revolutions” in general would be causes and effects / how it affected the bigger global picture - think about the FR. Rev. and how it affected European political thought / comparison and contrast of the revolutions - what are similarities that you can see and what examples stand out like the Haitian Rev being slave based. Think trends not specifics. Hope this helps! Do your best!

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