Rhetorical Devices

So, maybe it’s just a writing style, I just want to make sure it doesn’t affect my score, but notice how Samantha, Brandon, and other students state their rhetorical devices in the introduction as part of the thesis. However, I write my rhetorical devices on my topic sentence instead of in my introduction.

Example of my thesis:

In [author’s name] speech, he/she makes use of different rhetorical strategies, to [rest of the thesis]

Example of my topic sentence:

[Author’s name] utilizes different rhetorical strategies such as, [state the different rhetorical strategies], to [exigence].

I hope it didn’t make it too complicated. Let me know if there’s anything you want me to clarify.

Great question. If you stick around, we will look at several thesis statements tonight in the Cram. If you look at the rubric, it specifically states that you must give the rhetorical choices to earn the thesis point.

I recommend clearly stating the writing choices you’ll be analyzing in BOTH your thesis statement AND your topic sentences.

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