I’m very confused on everything about Russia, like how did we get from the mongols to kiev rus to communism?? Also what is the likelihood that this would be the DBQ topic as we didn’t focus much on this in class

Thankfully Communism is not on the Exam!

Stay tuned Charly and Melissa will discuss a bit about Russia Later on.

First: the point of this test isn’t to memorize huge chunks or stories of one civilization - that’s what courses like Russian History are for!

Second: I’d focus on several things, namely -

  1. Mongols (1200-1450) and Central Asian steppe pastoral peoples, Silk Roads across Siberia (eventually Kiev Rus, gradual consolidation)
  2. Peter the Great and mimicking the West (think of the St. Petersburg Palace as the “Window to the West” copying Versailles, or the beard tax) + colonization of Siberian lands + Cossacks (1450-1750) - Big Russia as a land empire
  3. Absolutism, Orthodoxy, and Trans-Siberian Railroad + state-sponsored industrialization in 1750-1900. Communism as an ideology grows and grows, but we don’t get to Communist Russia before the 20th century; perceived threat to Britain (“Great Game”), and elimination of serfdom

Now, that was SUPER watered-down, but those hit the major key concepts. Check out the cram chart and note where Russia’s mentioned!

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