[SAQ] The Renaissance

Directions: Answer all parts of every question. Use complete sentences; an outline or bulleted list alone in not acceptable.

  1. Answer A, B, and C by analyzing intellectual and artistic changes that occurred during the Renaissance.

  2. Briefly explain ONE important development that occurred in the visual arts during the Renaissance.

  3. Briefly explain ONE important intellectual development that emerged during the Renaissance.

  4. Briefly analyze ONE factor that accounts for the development you identified in Part A.

  1. One important development that occurred in the visual arts during the Renaissance is the rise of individual portraits. Rather than solely focus on group portraits or religious scenes (although those were still popular), Renaissance artists like Albrecht Durer began to popularize the self portrait as well as paintings of individuals, often upper class people.
  2. One important intellectual development during the Renaissance was the rise of humanism, which focuses on the study of Greek and Roman classics to prepare for a career and places a large emphasis on the individual. This was promoted largely by thinkers like Petrarch, who proposed the studia humanitates that used the classics along with a study of philosophy, history, and rhetoric to fully prepare an individual for any career he or she chose; the emphasis on the individual makes this a new event, as most thinkers before the Renaissance placed little value on individual paths and more on how an individual could help his or her community.
  3. One factor that accounts for the development of portraits is the rise of individualism, or the belief that an individual is worthy of praise/attention. This ideology arose alongside humanism, as ideas like the studia humanitates placed a higher emphasis on individual learning. This factor led to the development of portraits because during the Renaissance, this emphasis on the individual on the intellectual side of things naturally translated to an emphasis on the individual on the artistic side of things.

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