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Hi idk if you guys are still answering but the suggested skill for 5.13 methods to reduce urban runoff is scientific experiments, how could permeable pavement, trees, public transportation, and building up not out have to relate to scientific experiments?

Not all of these items would be suitable for experimentation. You could track the amount of water runoff from a high-rise building and compare it to a neighborhood that contains the same number of dwellings. Permeable pavement could be compared to impervious pavement runoff amounts. If the public transport is a subway or train versus the amount of pavement required for city streets, you could collect data.

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Thank you. Also, if i wanted to do an experiment on a factor that affected animals, how would i do experimental groups? Would i count like every 1 hectare and then in that piece of land test the animals in each hectare? Would i test them as a whole? Capture specific amounts of animals and then test?

yes, you could separate these animals in different landscapes. lets say put 10 of this animal in one hectare of land but make sure they are contained. meaning they can migrate to a different located. you could do this by putting fences around the one hectare land. Make sure you have multiple one hectare land with the same amount of animals in them

thank you omg

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*cant migrate

you’re welcome!
good luck

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