Would an 8/10 be considered a 5? Would this year’s grading be in a higher standard or a lower one?

Welcome Samskrithi! To answer your question: We have no way to tell for sure. Educated/Best guess? Probably, but honestly? We don’t know for sure because they haven’t graded the DBQs to let us know. Thanks for taking the time to ask!

short answer: we don’t know :sob:

long answer: we expect responses to be scored with the same rigor as they have in previous years so no harder or no lower :+1:

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No one has that answer yet. We do know that you do not need to earn all 10 points to earn a 5. Good luck tomorrow!

No one is exactly sure yet, so I can’t give you a certain answer! However, an 8/10 will definitely earn a high score.

No one knows. I hope that an 8/10 is a 5! But that is just hope! Two AP Readers are grading thus there might be even 8.5 threshold. no one knows for now!

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