Screen froze

is anyone else’s screen keep freezing?

Here’s some troubleshooting you can do:

  • Buffering issues? Enable compatibility mode and make sure you have ad-blockers disabled. You can enable compatibility mode by clicking “Get audio/video help” under the green “LIVE” icon in the bottom left corner. Also, make sure your ad-blockers for are disabled. This can interfere with the smoothness of the stream.
  • Video Skipping ? This is a result of the quality being set to HD and your internet not being able to keep up with it. Change the video quality from HD to 360p to improve video performance.
  • Can’t hear? Refresh the page and check to make sure your sound output settings are set correctly.

My screen kept lagging also, so I clicked Get audio/video help to switch to ‘compatibility mode’ and it hasn’t lagged since.

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