Sentence Frames WS

Could someone link the sentence frames worksheet Stephanie mentioned? she included it in cram #9 but I missed that one and couldn’t find the link

Is this what you’re looking for?


yes thank you all for your help!!

@Peter59029 rolled in with the hook up! I did have a few questions about frames for the appeals, so here you are:

  • The author establishes her credibility by …
  • The author notes his/her experience in ___ by ___ so that the audience ___.


  • The writer intentionally fuels the audience’s sense of ___ by ___.
  • Words/phrases like “__” work to move the audience into a position of ____ because ___.


  • The author uses evidence that relates to her audience, citing _____ because the audience _____.
  • The writer’s reasoning ____ by ____, and this allows _____.
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