Should HIPP be Applied to All Four Acronyms?

For HIPP, is it okay if I use a fraction of IPP for a document, and instead, earn the total two documents of HIPP points by distributing the HIPP across four documents in separate increments?

Ex: Two full HIPP documents vs Four Partially HIPP documents with a total of two HIPP points when cumulative

Hi @williamenlinzhang - you can. You’re only required to use one part of HIPP for 2+ docs for full points.

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Thank you!


I recommend that you do either H or IPP for a minimum of 2 documents. Splitting them up across 4 documents into H, I, P, and P could work in theory, but it’s riskier than just splitting it into H and IPP.

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That’s a good point too, thank you!

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