Simples question please answer

When paraphrasing the evidence do we include (Doc #) at the end of the sentence? Or do we include it in the sentence when we source/analyze the evidence? Please include an example sentence please.

You can include the document in your sentence, but technically, you are supposed to include it at the end of your sentence, which is what most AP readers are looking for. I usually put the doc # after I finish describing the doc and after I source it or provide outside evidence for it.
An example of me describing a document and putting the doc # at the end is…

The Editorial in the Natal Mercury mentions that on the island of Mauritius, they needed an “importation of foreign labor” for their sugar enterprise. It also says that every year the demand for labor will increase, and that the island will need over 60,000 laborers to work on their sugar plantations, and that the labor will no longer be able to be supplied by the island’s natives (D2).

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