Social Media Challenge!

Social media contest

Post a video, story or grid image, tweet and tag @thinkfiveable using the hashtags #fivehourgang #apes - show us a picture of you studying, playing with your pet while watching the Fiveable stream, eating a snack, memes, or anything related to APES. You must be following @thinkfiveable on all platforms.

One winner will be selected for Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You’ll receive $100 to cover your APES exam fee!

What if APES exam is already for us free for us? What prize will we get?

@Jamaina $100 - no strings attached!


When will we know who won? and how?


We’ll be going over all of the submissions with our team and interns and will follow up in an email post-stream


I tagged fiveable and used one of the hashtags, but forgot the other hashtag. Does my submission still count?

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