Soil Properties/Groundwater/Irrigation

how does soil composition impact water permeability/infiltration?

  • How might soil properties affect recharge of groundwater or local flooding?
  • How could a farm have extensive crop loss due to oversaturated soil?
  • Propose a solution to reduce runoff
  • Possibly megafires and drought - could incorporate carbon cycle, air pollution, & land use?

Soil is composed of silt, sand, and clay, with clay being the least permeable and sand being the most. I’m taking a guess that if soil is more clay based, that groundwater will take more time to recharge, while if it’s primarily sand, it will recharge much faster. I’m assuming oversaturated soil is over-watered soil, which means that the roots of plants will rot. A solution to run off could be the use of green manure (check out this link for more info on Green Manure). You could imply the release of COx for megafires. That’s all I got, hope this helps.


sand is the most permeable

thank you!!

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