Solutions to photochemical smog?

what would be a way to combat photochemical smog/normal smog?

hey @bella_isaacson !!

a solution to photochemical smog is reducing NOx in the atmosphere. you can do this by requiring different catalytic converters or required CCs sold in cars to be more X% efficient…

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maybe using less fossil fuels and more renewable sources


@dolphingirl !!

i like your response and help BUT to get credit on the AP Exam for that, you would have to say WHICH fossil fuel to use LESS, WHICH renewable sources to use MORE, and WHAT GOVERNMENT will be implementing this. also HOW WILL you get people to use more renewables in general?

{a good answer to that last question is to say the US Government will provide $5k per year inventives to homes that use solar energy!! but i would like to read your response :slight_smile:}

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