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Hi! I was wondering if I could receive some advice for my current situation? Throughout the year, we haven’t had much practice doing rhetorical analysis essays - I’ve done a few, but haven’t received any feedback. My teacher, however, is very familiar with the AP test and says that we’re going to be fine, even if we haven’t had much practice with the format (we’ve mostly done argumentative essays in class). I’m primarily worried about getting the points on the rubric. I know I can write a good essay, but it’ll be worthless if I can’t get any of the points, especially since we’ve never once reviewed the rubric in class (thanks Fiveable for helping me with that!!). I apologize for the rather strange question, but do you have any advice for me, someone who isn’t familiar with the scoring system/the ideal AP-style essay but can still write a solid analysis? Should I worry about getting the points or just stick to what I know? Thank you so much for the help!

Have you seen our Cram Chart?

We also have a great OpenNote Reminders template that will help you.

Check these out and @ me if you have ore questions.


Yes, these are really helpful! Thanks!

One question: what’s the difference between strategies and devices? Would devices be the literal rhetoric (i.e. repetition, allusion, etc.) and strategies be the general goal (creating a connection with the audience to get them on the speaker’s side)?

Yes, that’s right! I had the same question. If you format your essay in strategies, you can uses those rhetoric devices to support each strategy.

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Thanks!! :smiley:

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