Sourcing DBQ

Could somebody please look over the highlighted portions of this DBQ and explain whether or not they would earn the point for sourcing?

hey !! :wave: so we don’t know what will be required to get specific points until June during the reading of this year’s DBQ :frowning:

Hello… as I look at these two items, the example on the left does not seem to source… only to describe. The document on the right does a much better job… I like the way the writer gets the background into what the author would know. Hope this helps! All the best!


For the two that you said do not source the documents, is there anything I would need to say in order for it to qualify as sourcing?

I think the example on the left is the one that needs more for source points. Sorry but I don’t feel like I can give you a specific answer on what to add for that point without more information. I think the right side example just subtly gives more detail as to what the author knows and how what they are trying to get across. It is hard, as was mentioned in an earlier post to let you know specifically.

Thank you for you help, I appreciate it

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