Sourcing Documents

Whenever we source a document does it have to be one of the sourcing methods for at least three documents or? Could i get some clarification for the sourcing point?

You can either use point of view, purpose, audience, or historical context and you have to do one of those for at least two docs.

I would suggest doing ONE of these types of analysis for every doc you explain. Give yourself 5 chances to get it right twice.

Also, context/purpose tends to be the most clear, but you can choose any of them.

So for example, you can analyze a document by explaining the context of it - what was going on in this time/place? For example, “this speech was given during [major global trend] which ___”

Or you can consider the purpose - why was it written? For example, “____ gave this speech to persuade people to ___ because ----.”

Or the intended audience - who was it written for and why? For example, “In this speech, ____ was really speaking to ____ because ____.”

Or the author’s point-of-view - what about them explains why they are saying what they are saying. For example, “Because ___ works for _____, they would have thought/wanted ______. Therefore, ____.”

The sourcing point (up to two) is awarded if a student analyzes the actual document. How does the historical situation influence the document? How does the document’s purpose influence the document? How does the point-of-view of the author influence the document? How does the intended audience influence the document? Maybe this video will help. . .

I want my students to write about at least two docs and HIPP (source) them both for a total of 4 points.

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