Sourcing/How do I know if I've sourced a document correctly?

Hi! Normally, for sourcing, I use a component of HAPP to say whether or not the document provides a balanced viewpoint of the topic in the prompt. Is that what I should be looking for when sourcing?

Yes, you should use a component of HAPP to determine the viewpoint. However, make sure that you use this in order to support your argument. This will ensure that you earn the point.

“balanced” is one way of looking at hit. However, you are not limited. If you are doing Dr. King’s I have a Dream speech you could do historical situation and talk about the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on the speech. Impact of source on document is your real goal.

So if someone is, for example, a liberalist, would I get the point for saying that this makes them more likely to advocate for natural rights, as they do in the document they created?

Or, would I have to say that he is less likely to present the viewpoints offered by an author focused on conservatism?

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