Sourcing related to prompt

Hey! well first of all you guys really are awesome and im very grateful. Eitherway I was wondering if you guys could help me with relating sourcing tot the actiualy thesis and prompt. I get how to get sourcing but how do you go the extra step of the way and relate to the thesis to actually get the point. Could you give an example too? thank you : )

Same! I have the exact same issue. And then, when I check the rubrics I’m like how does this even relate to the thesis? I’m so confused on it too!

Does sourcing need to directly support our argument?

I believe showing an example would work better than explanations so here’s a sample of a recent DBQ I did on how slavery changed as an institution during the 18th-19th centuries for APUSH:

  • First sentence is my introduction.
  • Second sentence is my HIPP/sourcing (guess what it is!)
  • Third sentence is my connection to the prompt.

Slaves continued to be held in figurative shackles as well as their routines are tightly controlled from waking up to sleeping (Doc 5). As an African American slave, Bibb and people from his race remain oppressed and controlled by drills and expectations in plantations and cotton fields as escape was never a realistic option. His experiences show only a fraction of the inhumane treatment he receive as a consequence of the persistence of slavery between the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Hello all!
Everything should relate to that prompt. Remember you need to answer the question. When you source, try to explain why that person would respond in the way they are as it relates to the overall them in the prompt (a ruler trying to keep control or a peasant trying to push for more). Bring back your audience to who most people are in that prompt. These are just a couple ideas… hope they help…

Thank you so much!

Hi! While I understand that, sometimes I just cannot find a single way to relate it too the prompt. Like for example, I was doing a DBQ on the power of women in societies. And while the document supported my claim and I found a POV for this document, I just couldn’t figure out how to connect the POV to my claim. It just didnt make sense, and I find this w/ all of the DBQ’s I write.

Here is what I wrote, in case this might give more context.
Claim: Some societies did not have women exercise power and rather practiced the veiling and submission of women.
source: Empress of China, around the 15th century
claim: that women were expected to be filial, and serve their husband.
POV: The author of this document practiced Confucianism, , so as a practicer of Confucianism, she is more influenced by filial piety, and so the idea of women submitting to men is a means to keep order of society, and balance respect.

So, while I understood the POV, I didn’t understand how to connect it to the claim.
Thank you so much for reading this and helping me! I really appreciate it so much!

Could you put something in your answer about the fact that this traditional view supports the societal trend of China where in Confucian thought, patriarchal ties are of great import?

I think your POV does a decent job of already making the link … it might just be in your wording…

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I totally understand that! And it also makes a lot more sense as to why when I grade my essays, I can never find that tie. I genuinely thank you so much for your help, and hopefully on tomorrows essay I can figure out the sourcing!

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