When I paraphrase a document, which of the following formats should I use

In document x… or Paraphrase. (document x).

Also, how should I indicate when I am including outside information?

So . . . make sure that when you paraphrase a document you then answer the prompt with the document using words like “therefore” or “this shows”

Also, some students simply label their outside info (OI). However, you do not need to do anything as the Reader will know!

Re: citing evidence - either of those methods work. Try to vary your syntax if you can!

Quick Tip: If you use “In Doc X…” use an appositive to denote more than just a doc (EX: In Document 1, a commentary from …)

Re: OE - signpost, signpost, signpost
EX: Evidence beyond the documents that further supports resistance could be…

Re: Sourcing - didn’t see a question here, so I think you might mean “using docs” - be careful though, sourcing is when you analyze HC, AP, AUD, or POV and how it affects your reading of the doc.

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