Specific sentence structure for sourcing*

What is good sentence structure for sourcing? Can it just be “the purpose of this document was” or does it need to be more complex

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Being direct and specific is a great way to set yourself up for success in your DBQ.


Yep! No beating around the bush. Personally, it also keeps me organized because I know what I’m trying to write about as I go.

“The purpose of this document…”
“The audience…” or “the document is intended to (audience - who?)”
“The point of view behind this document…” or “As a (POV),…”


I never have a problem with being explicit in what you are doing. For example, old Imperialism must be understood in the context of growing European ethnocentrism. However, just like you don’t want extensive quotes from documents, you don’t want to be super clumsy with sourcing either. Always work it into the natural structure of your sentence. For example, “In document 2 Ferry’s point of view that lesser civilized peoples of the world would benefit from European intervention is integral to understanding his national and Imperial policies that drove French imperialism during this time period.”


Agree. A lot of my students like to start with the following to “set up” sourcing, especially if they’re discussing BOTH POV & AP, or a combination of the “four corners”:

“Given that…”
“It’s imporant to note that…”


Yup. This is how I do it. Thanks for confirmation!

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Yup, This is how I do it. Thanks for comfrimation!

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