Split Brain Research

Can you elaborate more on split brain research and how it works?

So, pretty much, the two hemispheres of the brain can operate independently of each other. Split-brain patients had their corpus callosum (nerve fibers that connect the hemispheres) severed to control their epileptic seizures. They can describe objects without deficit if presented in the right visual field which is processed on the left, more verbal, side of the brain, but they have great difficulty drawing the image. If the image is presented in the left field visual field which is processed on the right, more visual, side of the brain, the person can draw or choose an object, but they cannot explain it verbally. This is what is now called contralateral processing! Does that make sense?

Here’s one of my favorite videos that shows a split brain patient.

I think so, so because the corpus callous is what connects the two hemispheres of the brain, patients were only able to describe objects in certain ways depending on which visual field was presented to them. They’re able to describe the object verbally if processed in the right visual field, but unable to draw or choose object and vice versa if the left visual field is presented.

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