what is the difference between inferential statistics and descriptive statistics?

Descriptive statistics describes or gives us information about data, like interpreting data on a graph. Inferential statistics allows a researcher to make predictions about the information collected. The data allows a researcher to generalize about a population.

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Descriptive statistics are designed to describe a sample, and is contrasted with inferential Statistics which is designed to draw conclusions from the sample to the larger population. - Imagine you conduct a study to determine whether males or females are happier. Descriptive statistics would graph the statistics from the population surveyed or from whom the data is taken. This only refers to the data one has collected. Inferential statistics would be the next step - can I generalize/apply this to the overall population? Can I make inferences about general gender happiness based on the statistics from my research. One last example, last year I asked 10 AP Psychology students if they liked the class and they all said yes. I then took the class, since I could infer that I would like it as well.
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This was very helpful, thank you!

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