Submission docs tip

Since there are two questions on exam:
Which would be better? (to copy and paste)

  • Prepare 2 google docs for each question
  • Prepare 1 google doc, delete text after Q1 and then use same doc for Q2

I prefer option 2 cuz it is easier

You want to create and name two documents before you even start the test. Make sure you put the AP number and your initials at the top of each document. Title one document Question One and the other Question Two. Perhaps save them on your desktop. Type write into each and then upload as appropriate.

did we have to title them question 1 and 2? i dont think I did that today for my bio exam

This is more up to personal preference, but I would suggest the second option. Less tabs is a better idea because less areas to get confused.

No. I just think that is easier for you to make sure you type on the right document.

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ok thanks

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