Thank you note and grading wanted

First of all, thank you for all the streamers and all the teachers answering these questions. I know there are a lot of questions and I really appreciate all your effort in answering them. I have been self studying this course and have never really recieved a score. I was wondering, could one of the teachers score my essay /6? I would like to have a general idea what I would get on this essay I wrote today. Thanks sm!

Hi Sam! This is quite the impressive essay - I am confident it would earn either a 1-4-0 or a 1-4-1.

Your major strengths are:

  1. Identifying the most important writing choices
  2. Thorough, thoughtful analysis

I am very impressed with your ability to self-study this course! :slight_smile:

Replicate this tomorrow, and you will do great! Just a reminder that you have 45 minutes to read the prompt/plan your essay/write your essay.

Your thesis would get the point, and it outlines your argument as…
By emphasizing how little action has been taken to resolve this issue, and then emphasizing the desperate need for more action, Thunberg argues that those involved in monitoring climate change must take more drastic measures to acknowledge this issue and that as climate change prevails, it will result in detrimental impacts on society.
B1 - emphasizing how little action has been taken
B2 - emphasizing the desperate need for more action

I added some comments in the file, and I hope this helps. Remember to address WHAT - WHY - HOW for all elements that you analyze.

You’re going to rock it. For self-study, this is a pretty strong essay.

thank you! Are there any adivice for writing topic sentences? i have trouble writing them

Hey Sam - I just replied to your other post. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions. :slight_smile:

thank you! Regarding my essay what would u say would be a good topic sentence? I though I had written one in both paragraph but apprently not.

I think your claims work for both of your topic sentences, but they are a bit wordy. They could be improved by being more direct.

Something like this:

From the very beginning of her speech, Thunberg displays her outrage that so little action has been taken to stop climate change.

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