Theories of Emotion

What’s the difference between the James Lange Theory, Cannon Bard Theory, and 2 Factor Theory? The explanation was a bit confusing for me.

2-Factor theory is the Schachter-Singer Model of Emotion. There are two factors to emotions: the physical/arousal aspect + cognition (how it impacts me). Ex. Fear: my heart beats fast because of the thing causing fear + the understanding of why it scares me.
James-Lange basically says the stimuli causes a physical reaction first (heart beating faster), then we take into account how it impacts us (we are scared)
Cannon-Bard says they occur at the same time. My heart beats fast while I realize I’m afraid.
Trivial, but significant in the understanding of emotion. Maybe test this next time your heart pitter-pats when you are near your snookey-lumps. :slight_smile:
Good luck tomorrow.

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Thank you so much! I understand it now : )

Anytime. Glad it helped. Best of luck tomorrow.

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