Thesis - 2 Categories

Hi! I’m always having trouble splitting the documents into 2 categories for my thesis. Does someone have a trick to make it easier?

You don’t need to split the documents into 2 categories if that doesn’t work for you! There are so many ways to group the documents to develop an argument, so look for documents that discuss similar topics or demonstrate similar attitudes.

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So. . . 5 docs. Good chance that the 2020 DBQ will split into two groupings / categories pretty easily. Don’t stress if you have 2 and 2 and find 1 of them outside the box. I heard that APUSH Essays split up pretty easily. Also, don’t feel like you HAVE TO use 4 docs. If you write 2 docs, 2 HIPPs, and 1 OE you get 5 points for one Body Paragraph!

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