what is a good thesis format/formula?

and should we include a counterargument, and if so would that be an entire body paragraph?

Formula for a thesis according to John Irish (big deal AP History guru):

“Although X, A and B, therefore Y”

X: The best counterargument for the point you’ll be making
A: The first major point of YOUR argument
B: The second major point of YOUR argument
Y: The overall point you’ll be making that DEMOLISHES the counterargument because you’re just that awesome.

Good luck!

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ok thanks, and should we include an entire body paragraph for the counterargument, or just mention it in the thesis?

If you mention a counterargument in your thesis, you must address it in a different of your DBQ as well. You’re able to develop your counterargument throughout your DBQ or in a specific body paragraph. Remember that you must develop it!

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