Time before the test

I have the entire afternoon free before the test, what do you recommend I should do? Should I go over my materials or do something else. Also, during the 30 minute waiting window before the test?

Day of the test, I always tell my students to relax. Anything last minute is cramming and therefore won’t genuinely help you either way. Just make sure you have your materials ready to go and log in a half hour early.

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During the 30 minute window, go ahead and create two word or saved Google Docs. Title one Question One and the other Question Two. Put your AP ID and initials as the heading for each document.

Have you done the AP demo? Make sure you get that done tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Just relax, don’t cram. Then, make sure that you spend 30 minutes before the test making sure that your testing environment is set up and that everything works!

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make sure you have everything printed out, extra paper ready, your documents ready, you are familiar with the way you are going to submit, practice the ap demo, etc…for me, I always study before my tests because it makes me feel relaxed. anything you are shaky on print out FRQ’s that relate and look at the solutions until you understand

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Follow the suggestions from AP Central. Be logged-in, have resources available, set your screen to split: one for your answers/responses and one to keep the prompt available. Don’t cram! Relax.

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