Time constraint issues- any tips?

I can usually write DBQs pretty well but I have a hard time doing it in 45 minutes. It usually takes me an hour or more. Any ideas on how to go faster but still write really well?

try to set up a minimal outline in the first 5-10 minutes of the timeframe. Having it outlined can help you knock it out of the park

I tell my students, “Plan More, Write Less.”

If you plan out your essay well then you need not worry about coming up with details or phrases during your actual writing of the DBQ, you won’t have those pauses where you try to figure out what to say

One problem I noticed I had was that I spent too much time on an outline. It should be basic bullet points rather than sentences, except the thesis and possibly main message. Personally, that helped a lot.

Don’t over do it, the last practice DBQ I took took way longer then it should have because I went way overboard on the information, to the point where I wasn’t even on topic. Just stay on the prompt and arguments.

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