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So the College Board website says 45 minutes + 5 minutes to submit. Are you able to submit before 45 minutes is up? Can you work for 45 minutes and then still have 5 minutes to submit after? Thanks!

Also, if you finish on time and the submission takes too long will you get a 0 or…?

You can submit before the time limit is up, but you should use that time to review/add more content to your DBQ to earn as many points as possible. The program will count your DBQ so long as it begins submitting before the 5 minute submission timer is up, even if your Wifi is slow and the submission takes longer than the 5 minute allotted time. As long as you begin submitting it before the 5 mins is up, it will be valid.

Is that 5 minute submission window part of the 45 minute test, or an extra 5 minutes at the end?

Hi @sofiacordover

The AP test has a timer for 50m, but it will give you a popup once 45m are up for you to submit.

It’s part of the 45 minute test. You can even go into that time to type but that’s a DANGEROUS move.

@chipmunkthanos agreed! I do not recommend going into that last 5m

are you sure because that’s the opposite of what chipmunkthanos said

Yes - you have 50m total and the final 5 are recommended upload time. Do the demo for an example - it’s only 10m but it shows you what the 5m upload time looks like.

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