Time Spent on Each Sub-question

Since each question has about 8 to 12 sub-questions to answer in only 25 minutes, how many minutes or even seconds do you recommend we spend on each sub-question?

It’s difficult to say how much time exactly you should use If you simply divide 25 minutes by the number of questions, you get a little over 3 minutes each for 8 subquestions and a little over 2 minutes each for 12 sub questions. I would recommend reading the prompt and then scanning through all of the subquestions. If you see questions that really confuse you, you might want to skip them and focus on questions that you know you can answer easily. You might be able to answer 2 easier parts in the time it takes to answer 1 harder part, and that will get you more points. In the end, don’t stress yourself too much, and make sure you are confident in the subquestions you answer (you may not be able to get to all of them and that’s fine!) and just do your best.

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