Topic Sentence

Is a topic sentence a super critical component of the DBQ or if we are running low on time should we just leave it out?

Hello! A topic sentence is the sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph that tells the reader what the paragraph is about. I wouldn’t skip it because it makes the line of reasoning (how your essay is organized) super clear (and I’m sure graders love it.)
I hope this helps!

I would not say that it is “super critical”, but it is important to increasing the clarity of your grouping of the document and the paragraphs and your essay as a whole. If running low on time, you can just skip, but you can literally just copy the prong of your thesis that the paragraph is addressing from your thesis and make it a sentence. All a topic sentence is is just a lead in to explain what your paragraph will be about, and how you will be using the documents in it.

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Thank You

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Let’s forget calling it a topic sentence. That introduction to each paragraph, yes, tells the reader what the paragraph is about, BUT, this is the introduction of your argument. I am stickler for organization. So in your thesis you have two clear arguments A and B. Your essay then follows with the first body paragraph being support of Argument A. So, again, whether you are calling it a topic sentence, or paragraph introduction, it should be the argument introduction you stated in your thesis.

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