Topics that they would ask about that you "can't google"

what do you think are some common topics that they might add on the test that would be hard to google?

This is a difficult question to give a direct answer to. Basically, college board knows we have access to google. That’s why they cut out the multiple choice section. College board is going to try to give you questions that are more about patterns and relationships that aren’t as easy to look up, which require more critical thinking and brainpower. So I would say to look out for questions that require you to look at relationships between concept and how one thing can affect another thing, and look at potential outcomes of situations.

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Wait so there is not a MCQ?

No, there are only two frqs. The first one is an experimental design frq which will take 25 minutes + 5 minutes submission time. For the second one, you must analyze an environmental problem and propose a solution which takes 15 minutes + 5 minutes submission time.

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that makes sense! thank you!

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Thank you!

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