Two-Factor Theory FRQ

Can someone go into a little more depth with the two-factor theory regarding Dr. Mohl’s FRQ? I’m just confused on how to specifically apply it to this situation.

According to the Schacter-Singer “Two Factor” Theory, a stimulus triggers a physiological response (your body changes), which you then assign a cognitive label to. The label depends on your environment and circumstances. After you’ve applied your label, you then experience emotion.

Based on this, how would you try to apply it to the FRQ?

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I would say that her sons experience a physiological response of hunger as a result of no longer receiving cookies (stimulus), and they would then attribute this physiological response (hunger) to being upset about no longer receiving cookies. They then would attribute this hunger to sadness about no longer getting cookies, and would in turn start to cry, because they are sad. Does that work?

That seems like a great application to me! Well-done!

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Thanks for helping!

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