[Unit 4 SAQ] Antebellum America

Edited (4/4/20): prompts like this (SAQs) will not be on the 2020 APUSH exam. Thus, answering this prompt can be useful for reviewing content, but not for exam practice.

Answer parts a, b, and c.
a) Briefly explain how ONE specific event in the period from 1793 to 1848 increased sectional tensions in the United States between the North and the South.
b) Briefly explain how ONE specific innovation changed the American economy in the period from 1815 to 1848.
c) Briefly describe ONE specific way in which Americans pursued an expansion of democratic ideals from 1800 to 1848.

a) One specific event in the period 1793-1848 that increased the sectional tensions between the North and the South was the Talmadge amendment that was proposed in Congress. Although this amendment did not pass in Congress it was a marker for the beginning of tremulous times. For example, the fact that slaves’ children were now freedmen indicated that the North was actively pursuing a discrete agenda to gradually eliminate the slavery in the South. This amendment not only highlighted the future conflicts to come, but the already boiling tensions that were seen in the perspective of the Northerners to the Souther institution of Slavery
b) One specific innovation that changed the American economy in the period of 1815-1848 was the steam engine. The steam engine was not valuable for its own use, but for its applications. The engine could be used in the steamboats or in the trains. These two, relatively new in America, types of transportation allowed for the Industrial East to connect with the farmlands to the West. This innovation allowed for Henry Clay’s American System to begin to take shape, since internal developments like canals were being used by methods of transportation like the steamboat in the Erie Canal.
c) One way that the Americans pursued an expansion of democratic ideals from 1800-1848 was through the Monroe Doctrine. In the Monroe Doctrine, which was stated in James Monroe’s Inaugural Adress, the Americans were to begin restricting the European Colonial Powers from re-intervening in the Latin American affairs. Namely, this was directed to the nations like the Gran Colombia that through Simón Bolivar’s Revolution had just been liberated from the Spanish Crown. This was also to expand democracy. This is because by restraining monarchies from intervening in newly independent nations, the US is incentivising the creation of new democracies, and further expanding the American form of governing.

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