Unit 7 Review Please :)

Can we please go over a review of unit seven? A LOT of stuff went down.

Hi @Kynnedy
Mr. Pulgarin will be going over Unit 7 in the stream. You’re right, a lot happened there, but here’s a shortlist of important things:

-Sherman Anti-trust act: outlawed monopolies
-McKinley Tariff: highest tariff of its time
-Homestead Strike
-Plessy vs Ferguson
-Spanish American war and American Imperialism
-Russo-Japanese War: American intervention
-Big Stick vs Dollar Diplomacy
-T. Roosevelt vs Taft vs Wilson election: split vote
-Roaring 20s: prohibition, speakeasies, automobiles
-Women’s right to vote
-the Great Depression
-FDR: New Deal, Alphabet Soup

Hope this helped :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

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