Using documents + sourcing

I usually have a very hard time with sourcing and using the documents. i made this following one of the formulas someone posted here. Do you think this would work?

Document 4 is a letter from the queen of Hawaii to the United States trying to negotiate freedom from the US’s expansion. The purpose of this letter is to peacefully gain back the land from the US without having to start a war or rebellion, although it eventually does not work and Hawaii never regains independence. This shows that some indegenous people responded to state expansion by peacefully negotiating, although it did not always work.

This works!

Great job! Personally, I think it’ll work! :star_struck:

What was the formula you used? @jaimiewalsh_53039

Doc x states that [brief summary of document here]. [Historical context or intended audience or perspective or purpose here]. [This demonstrates that… [statement that connects back to main argument] because…

wait this formula get the supporting the argument and HIPP point??

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