Wait im confused: rhetorical devices and strategy

so if my thesis was devices (irony, metaphor) so that means i should mention 2 evidence in each body paragraphs and how they used it right?

So what should i talk if i use strategy as my thesis? and how do i connect it, I think I zoned out when she was talking about it lol

An idea-driven essay is one usually written when you use the chunking method. You can take the passage and break it up into three sections. Where you make those breaks don’t matter, as long as YOU understand why you would choose those as your sections. If you understand, then you will be able to logically explain and discuss what is happening in each of those sections.

You will begin your paragraph with a claim statement. This is a general idea of the point or purpose of that section. Then you will explain the devices that the speaker uses in that section to prove that point.

Please let me know if that helps!

If I’m understanding correctly, when you split by devices, in each body pragraph you can go “device-> 2 strategies”, but when you split by strategies, you go “strategy->devices->sufficient evidence for each device”. I like to chose strategies if possible because I find it’s easier to have enough ideas to write about.

If you split by devices, like metaphor, you are stuck talking only about the named device, so in that example, you would need two examples of metaphor. If you split it by comparison (another device), you could use the metaphor and something else that is used to compare.
Using strategies allows you to mix and match, and it allows you to describe what is being done in the event that you don’t know what it is called.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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