Water Potential in Plants

How does water potential affect the transport of water and nutrients throughout a plant?

Water potential affects the transport by determining the concentration gradient. So in terms of plants, if the higher concentration of solutes exists within the plants than the water potential is higher and the water enter the cell.
If the higher concentration exists outside the plant cell than the osmolarity outside the cell is greater than within the cell and the water potential is lower, therefor water will exit the cell.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thing of it like a tug of war that wants to get to equilibrium. If you’ve taken chemistry Le chatelier’s principle might come to mind.

If there’s too much water outside the cell it’ll try to go in.

If there’s too little water outside, water will come out of the cell.

Homeostasis is key

I was thinking more along the lines of how water potential inside and outside of the plant organism causes water and nutrients to be transported from the roots to throughout the entire organism, not just the plant cell itself.

I’m not sure if this will be on the test this year, but I ran across a question similar to this on a practice FRQ and would just like to be well informed. Thanks!

It all depends. Is it active transport? Passive transport? Osmosis? Is there a concentration gradient? What is the size of the molecule? Are there hydrophobic or hydrophilic reactions? IS it a liquid or a solid?

Understand the concept and the context of the question. Then use logic and basic biological principles to answer the question.

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