Water potential

Can you explain how water potential works?

Water wants to move from high water potential to low water potential (low con of solute to high con of solute)

water potential is the tendency of water to move and it is based on solute potential ( takes the amount of solute into account -iCRT) and pressure potential (open lid = no pressure). When you have a larger concentration of solute in your solution compared to a cell the solution is considered hypertonic to that cell. This larger con. of solute will make the water potential more negative in solutiion compared to the cells’s water potential because the more solute you add the more negative the solute potential becomes which makes the water potential more negative as well since the Water potetail= solute potential + pressure. THis mean the water from the cell will come out so it can dilute the outside con and since its water potential is higher it want to go out in solution.

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i would recommend watching bozeman science

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Thank you, I understand what you’re saying. I’ll definitely watch the bozeman science video.

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