Weber's law

is it important to know this for the test? how do we use it?

We never know what will be tested on the exam until after the test. You should know how to give an example of Weber’s law to show you can apply it as a concept. In order to demonstrate your knowledge you could use an example of just noticeable difference in sound, taste, vision, to demonstrate Weber’s law.

You don’t need all of those sensations. I forgot to put etc.

Hi @Zada. Weber’s law will only show up if there is a difference threshold scenario. Basically, Weber’s Law simply states that the ability to determine a difference continues in a certain ratio. For example, if I gave you 98 pennies in an envelope in one hand and 100 pennies an envelope in your other hand, you would not be able to tell which is heavier because weight has a 3% difference threshold. Similarly, due to Weber’s Law, you would need to have a 97 lb bag to differentiate it from a 100 lb bag (a 98 lb bag wouldn’t be different enough).

Thank you!

Also, remember that the law states that the change in a stimulus that will be just noticeable is a constant ratio of the original stimulus!

It’s easier to detect a 10 degree change in temperature if you are hanging out in Santa Barbara on a 65 degree day than it is if you are working at McMurdo station in Antarctica on a -65 degree day. The stronger the stimulus is, the more proportionally large a change in its strength will have to be for you to notice that change.

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