What are the most common types of rhetorical techniques do you recommend we use. My teacher only uses things like metaphors and allusion, could you provide an example of a specific rhetorical thingie

yuh what’s up there.

I really like to use things like appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos. They are really easy to link to purpose, and often if you can find changes in how the author uses these you can edge yourself toward the complexity point. I also usually use something about the kind of diction they use. I am just another student taking this exam tomorrow, but I have found that these usually earn me high scores on practice exams if you can defend and analyze it well enough.


This is a very common question, but I recommend re-framing it here. CollegeBoard has deliberately changed the Rhetorical Analysis wording from “rhetorical strategies” to “writing choices.” As readers, we would much rather see you put the author’s writing choices in your own words than worry about “matching” a name of a rhetorical strategy. Students who prioritize matching the name of a particular strategy often “oversimplify” the analytical task. It’s about much more than matching a specific term.

Here’s how I would think through the analytical task:

  1. Get in the “mind” of the audience. What would the target audience likely think BEFORE/DURING reading or listening to the text? What specific things did the writer do to either a). change the audience’s mind or b). reinforce a belief?
  2. Once you’ve identified the writing choices that would be most effective in addressing the target audience, explain what this writing choice is in your own words. Then, thoroughly unpack how the audience would likely respond to these writing choices. This is where you truly earn your score.

Here is a Replay that is very relevant to this discussion. I hope this helps!

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