What around score out of 10 do we need to get a 5

What around score out of 10 do we need to get a 5

No one knows exactly how many points you will need, but you do not need to finish your DBQ or earn every point to earn a 5!

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It’s not determined yet, but try to hit as many points as you can while writing! You can do this! Go get that 5! :star_struck:

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Because this is the only year that the DBQ has been the entire exam, this question truly cannot be answered. It is important that you have a rubric sitting next to you as you write the exam so that you can be sure that you are hitting every point. This is an advantage this year: You can have a full rubric sitting right next to you that you can check-off each point as you earn it! Just take the 45 minutes to try to squeeze out every point possible. If you finish your exam, and you notice that you missed some points, go ahead and add those to your essay.

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