What does ACE'd stand for and how do i use it?

I have seen this referenced multiple times on the slides but I don’t know what it means.

Answer the question, Cite evidence for the answer, Explain how the evidence supports the answer

This normally applies to SAQs but you can apply it as a way to structure paragraphs.

Answer Cite Explain!
Personally, I used those to prepare for my SAQs on the exam last year, so I’m not sure it will come in use this year! You could possibly use it to add structure and organization to your paragraphs!

You can use ACE throughout your DBQ. It’s truly the world’s best acronym.

Let’s use Christianity in LatAm DBQ as an example here.

For Contextualization in intro:
A = your actual context (EX: navigation tech or new ships)
C = sentence with specifics (EX: Compass, astrolabe, caravel)
E = explain how/why (EX: all these newfangled things got Europeans to the Americas - Columbian Exchange - which brings Latin America and Christianity together too)

For OE
A + C = topic sentence that connects your specific OE idea to your thesis (EX: Virgin of Guadalupe = evidence of syncretism)
E = explanation (she’s an example of syncretism bc…)

For doc-based Body Paragraphs:
A = topic sentence that directly echoes your thesis (EX: syncretism was one change)
C = evidence from a doc (3-5 words, specific paraphrase)
E = Explanation (syncretism because…)

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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