What happens if you have anxiety and start freaking out and running out of time?

What happens if you have anxiety and start freaking out?

Before the test, take deep breaths! Jog in place. Look at cute animal pics. You got this! You’ve prepared throughout the year for this moment. You are more than ready to take this on. You’ll get that bread! I usually shout at my computer screen in bursts to get rid of the remainder of my nerves.

In fact you being here is a sign that you’re prepared to take this on. Think of this as any other practice DBQ you’ve done before. Best of luck tomorrow and fingers crossed to getting the score you want!

Take a breath. Seriously.

Work to your strengths. Focus on what you do well. Then, if you have time, do the ‘other’ stuff that you’ve been working on in class.

But, take a breath. Stretch your fingers & wrists (like a quick 5 second stretch & hold). Roll your neck. Then go back to writing what you know.

Good luck tomorrow!

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