What % is needed to earn a 5?

Hi! The heading of the topic is my question exactly… I want to know if it would be easier to earn a 5 on this exam, or how many questions can be missed to earn a 5!


I replied to a similar question earlier, so I’ll put the same response I gave to the other person.
College Board hasn’t released the scoring guidelines for this years exam, so no one knows right now. CB said that Question 2 is 6 points in the 2020 Sample Questions. I would focus on reviewing the information, and remember that you’ve been prepping for this exam since the start of the school year.

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I’m going to go ahead and second this. Traditionally, it ranges from a 75-80 percent for a 5, but nobody knows what is going on this year.

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Thanks for your input! I’m hoping that Fiveable will have a better idea of the percent needed to get a 5 after having some student-based insight from the previous exams, so I still hope that they answer this question in the cram session. However, your feedback was very helpful! Thanks!

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