What should we do if we do not understand the wording of the prompt?

What should we do if we do not understand the wording of the prompt?

Keep rereading it to make sure you read it correctly the first time and can better understand it now. If not, I’d recommend going straight to the documents and seeing if its content can help you better understand what the prompt is asking.


Try to understand it with your best abilities… If you don’t understand it, use your context clues and look at the documents it gives you.

If you don’t understand the wording of the prompt, break it down! Find key terms/words and time periods that may give you context clues and help you to understand the general idea of the prompt. Try to put the prompt into simple words. Hope this helps!

I think it also helps if you try to figure out which of the three types of questions it is.
Causation: causes or effects of a situation
Comparison: Compare or contrast
Continuity and Change: How did. things change or how did they stay the same over a certain time period (for instance from 1450-1850)
It will be one of these 3, so when you read your prompt, figure out which one it is, and that will help you to answer it.

Even if you do not understand the entire question, look for key words/phrases that can point you toward what to look for in the documents. What caused… extent to which…impact (economic, political, social). This way, even if you don’t understand the question fully, at least you have some idea of what you are looking for in the documents, and the documents themselves may help you form your arguments and thesis.

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