What's the differences of the 1st and 2nd Industrial Revolution?


In World History, there is not a huge difference. the 1st was mainly about getting to factories and improvements in textiles. the 2nd was mainly about steel + chemical technology.

The major differences between the two industrial revolutions can be broken down as follows

1750s -1880 the first Industrial Revolution begins in England and stays in Western Europe and is powered by coal and water, and focuses on textile and iron production

the Second Industrial Revolution 1880s-1900s moves Beyond Western Europe into Eastern Europe United States and Japan, is powered by electricity as well as oil, and moves into new fields of production such as chemicals

As others have noted usually these are lumped together so do not be concerned it is very unlikely a question will require you to know these distinctions.

1st: England/Europe, Manchester, Steam Engine, Coal

2nd: Americas, Detroit/NYC/Chicago/etc., further advances, cars, etc.

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