Where was the example topic sentence posted?

was it in the chat?

Yep, but here’s a doc that should help you out. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQUe1Z1IjW_7PH0XPj5kZLw76pTai6nHaQbXtRvvlAZm3fOqHotF7VT-ZPd6rb0nF6jK3oId5I-nx0Z/pub

Good: In the (genre) {title} by [author], he/she intentionally employs device 1, device 2, and device 3 to communicate {message} in order to purpose with audience movement.

Great: In the (genre) {title} by [author], effectively communicate {message} in order to purpose with audience movement by strategy 1, strategy 2, and strategy 3.

This is the one I discussed in today’s Q&A:

Before he turns the nation’s attention to the continued advancement of American space exploration, Reagan takes a moment at the beginning of the speech to mourn with the American public and the families of the astronauts who died.

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