Wording for structure -> function

What is a great wording I can use to describe how structure affects function? I feel like I will be too wordy so I would like to see a more concise answer.

To my knowledge, I don’t think there is a specific term regarding how structure affects function. But the R-groups of the amino acids are what determines structure, and therefore function, so just talk about it as concisely as you can. Sorry I didn’t have a better answer, but I hope this helps!

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Structure affects function is a fundamental principle of biological sciences rather it be molecular biology or ecology. Using it as a justification depends on what you’re talking about. The principle of “structure affects function” can be applied to proteins, amino acids, natural selection, molecular shapes and so many things. So it’s a principal you have to understand and not memorize. Because it depends on the situation and the context of the problem.

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